Leaves I yam thankful for you!

What did the Pilgrims really eat on Thanksgiving? Think it was turkey? Find out at the History Channel's Thanksgiving page

But, don't you gobble til you wobble on this Thanksgiving Day! Check out these sites instead!

Got your feathers ruffled worrying about having the folks over for Thanksgiving? "Stuffed" with dozens of recipes, cooking tips, with a thawing video and suggestions for leftovers Butterball talks turkey!

Ever hear a turkey gobble? You can here and how to call a turkey, too. Then check out this Thanksgiving Survival Guide for recipes and help with your planning.

How did the first Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? They were the Plimouth Plantation Pilgrims and this is how. Then check out The Thanksgiving Story for more fun.

The First Thanksgiving has links to a picture timeline, a virtual voyage back in time to the seventeenth century.

This Thanksgiving Feast is loaded (but no calories) with fun for kids with games and facts.

chef To watch 30 famous chefs demonstrate their favorite Thanksgiving recipes, check out the Virtual Chef. Then check out the Perfect Pie Slide Show for pie recipes and more with videos showing you how to make those favorites. For more ideas and recipes for this famous day, try Thanksgiving Recipes. It even has scoop on diets (for after the big day). What do they serve in the rest of the nation? Epicurious has the menus!

Thanksgiving Made Easy: Good 'ol Martha Stewart has some plans to go by this special day. Reader's Digest has a Thanksgiving Guide for Entertaining, recipes and just plain fun. And here's a Thanksgiving Timetable to help with your planning.

To learn some intriguing facts about turkey that will make interesting conversation at the table or when you're visiting, Vintage Chips has the trivia! Find out what you know with this Thanksgiving quiz. Still more trivia and a quiz for after the turkey dinner to regale your guests at Wilstar's Thanksgiving quiz (
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squirrel in pumpkin My pumpkin page has a great Eggless Pumpkin Custard and Pumpkin Fast Facts. Talking about pumpkins, check out the photos of the largest pumpkins contest and their winners, called the 1000 Club because they have to be over 1,000 lbs.!

Let the Thanksgiving Festivities begin with a Celebration of the first Thanksgiving, with entertainment, music, stories and a virtual turkey to take home!

Twas the Night of Thanksgiving, by Pete Doty, CRS,GRI, tells a story many of us are familiar with. Let's talk turkey! has more facts about America's favorite bird.

Bet you didn't know that Thanksgiving has a real estate connection. Thanksgiving - the "Real" Story tells us all about it.

Thanksgiving on the Web has more turkey facts, postcards, fall colors in different states, recipes and Thanksgiving stories. And what do Pilgrims and football have in common? They're all part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

Ben & Jerry have a bunch of Turkey Day activities, history, American Indian links, recipes, Food for Thought and a couple of gobblers, too.

To keep the kiddies occupied before Thanksgiving there are games and entertainment galore at these sites.

My kids just loved watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Maybe your will, too! It's an extravaganza! Find out how they inflate these huge balloons and create the floats! The site's drop-down menu has photos and information about all of the NY attractions and buildings.

Thanksgiving and gratitude have marked important milestones in American life for hundreds of years, but thanksgiving isn't just an American tradition. The roots of thanksgiving are a human universal. Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World visits how others celebrate the harvest. A very prayerful Thanksgiving shows us how much we have to be thankful for being here in America.

Want to create or enhance your own website with a Thanksgiving and holiday scene? 4Free Thanksgiving has plenty for you.

Send your friends and loved ones thanks with a Thanksgiving card from America's Thanksgiving Cards and from my website

If your idea of giving thanks doesn't include turkey, you can get some vegan holiday feast ideas from the Vegetarian Thanksgiving and The Vegetarian Kitchen has a great selection of recipes as does The Low Fat Vegetarian and the Vegetarian Resource Guide.

And thanks to our wonderful Canadian neighbors who celebrate Thanksgiving but just not on the same day or for the same reason!

Before you head out to the stores, check out this Holiday Gift Guide If you're one who likes to start their Christmas or Hannukkah shopping early, or would like to give it a go, the Holiday Gift Directory to help you find the best gifts for all your family and friends.

A fun thing to do before or after Thanksgiving is to try the Maze as in The Maize at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, south of Chandler, Arizona. If you're not out in an hour, they'll come and get you, so don't worry, you can't get lost.

This year my Mom will be flying in from NY and Thanksgiving will be spent with my family at the Sanctuary Resort . However, you may want to follow my usual tradition of hiking with my sons the day after, if you're visiting the Valley, so here's where to find the great trails.

Just for fun, download Over the River and Through the Woods at Thanksgiving Traditions. And then, if it's Over the River and Through the Woods you go RoadTrip America will help you in preparing for your holiday travel plans.

Bringing the kids with you? Here are some suggestions from Tips4Trips.com, Babycenter.com and Children's Concierge . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!